I’m not exactly sure where to begin with this one. Alessandra wore her grandmother Erika’s wedding dress originally worn in 1953. That seems like a good place to start.

Alessandra and Eric chose to get married on a farm in Cheney, Washington found through a home rental website. The large farmhouse and beautiful surrounding Washington farmland could not have been more perfect for the wedding these two planned. Because they both grew up overseas and throughout the US many of the guests traveled from out of town and Alessandra and Eric wanted a spot that highlighted the Eastern Washington landscape that’s become familiar to them on drives from Seattle to Spokane to visit family.

Eric and Alessandra met in the summer of 2008. Their fathers, who both performed their wedding ceremony, were high school friends. On their wedding program they shared several bits of emails they sent back and forth before dating and after. This one is from Eric to Alessandra two weeks after they started dating and I just had to share it.

“I wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about you today. And I woke up happy because I was back to my normal life, which I realized has become more wonderful because of how you’re in it.”

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Carla Arendt
October 23, 2013
What a beautiful celebration of LOVE! Thank you for sharing the photos, I thoroughly enjoyed them. A very handsome couple indeed. God bless you all.
Stephanie Logan
November 15, 2013
This happens to be one of the best wedding's ever. Totally filled with so much love! I fill so happy to have been there to witness such a beautiful Union.